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Corporate Health

Make an investment in your employees’ health in 2019!

Our Corporate Health Initiative Shoe Program provides running/fitness shoes to your employees at a fraction of the retail price. We host an on-site shoe fitting, payment processing, plus free shipping and delivery.

Health care expenses, working while sick, and mental health issues related to stress are all becoming greater concerns for most organizations. Employees that are physically active outside work show increased productivity at work and report less stress *(Pronk). Partnering with our program allows your company to make a significant investment in your employees’ health and well-being by encouraging physical activity.

Companies like AAR Duluth, Epicurean, and Loll Designs have made investments in their employees through our Corporate Health Initiative Shoe Program.

We deliver:

  1. An all-inclusive on-site package. We schedule a time frame (or multiple time frames) to come to your work site to do a shoe fitting event. We’ll bring multiple employees and a sales rep, as well as a full size run for each model of shoe offered. Your employees will be able to test shoes and then purchase their shoes on the spot through our streamlined registration system. The more your company gets behind the event in helping to notify and encourage participation, the more successful the event will be. There are zero costs for shoe fittings, shipping, delivery, credit card processing (if not doing payroll deduction) or tax.
  2. Streamlined processing and delivery. After a specified order cut-off date we send your HR department a list of the employees that purchased shoes for cross-referencing. Once the shoes arrive at our store we will deliver them to your preferred location. Each box will have a printed label with the employee’s name and order info. After the shoes are delivered we’ll send a single itemized invoice.

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