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DRC T-Shirt Design Contest

OCTOBER 7th – 20th:

Duluth Running Co. is hosting an artwork contest and the winning design will be printed on select winter apparel. The winner will get a free shirt with their graphic printed on it, a $50 dollar DRC gift card, and a display in the front of the store. Submissions will be accepted between October 7th and 20th, and voting will take place October 23rd through 27th. 


For your art to be included in the contest, the image must include one or more of the following:

  1. Duluth, MN features (i.e. landscape, buildings, parks)
  2. Running or walking themes
  3. Local trails and parks
  4. Community well-being

Your image should also have the Duluth Running Co. Logo incorporated into it, and the artist’s signature is also recommended. We want the personality and creativity of the artists to show during this contest, but keep in mind that this is a community establishment and the designs need to be appropriate for all ages. If we feel as though the design does not adhere to these guidelines, it will be removed from the competition.


By entering the Contest and submitting your design, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:
Transfer of Copyright Ownership: You hereby grant Duluth Running Co. exclusive and irrevocable ownership of the copyright, including all rights and interests, in the design you have submitted for the Contest. This transfer of ownership includes the rights to reproduce, distribute, publicly display, and create derivative works based on your design.
No Further Claims: You understand and agree that, upon submitting your design to the Contest, you waive all claims, royalties, or any other compensation related to the use of the design given to Duluth Running Co.
Confidentiality: All design submissions, including those not selected as winners, will be treated as confidential and will not be disclosed or used for any purpose other than voting for the consumer’s most liked shirt during the contest.

Please note that the design selected as the winner of the Contest will be utilized for purposes, including but not limited to the production and sale of t-shirts.

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